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DBMax - International

For programm description look here: DBMax english

DBMax has multilanguage support.


At the moment the following languages are supported:

  1. English
  2. German
  3. Swedish
  4. Brazilian Portuguese
  5. Spanish
  6. Dutch
  7. Italian
  8. French
  9. Slovenian
  10. Croatian
  11. Hungarian


In the Trial-Version all language files are included.

To support more languages in the future I make you the following offer:

When you send me a good translation of the resource language file, you get a free lisence of DBMax.

To do so, you must agree with the following conditions:

  1. The target language must be your mother tonque.
  2. You must know the usual terms for operations like open, save, close, delete ... in your mother tongue.
  3. You must know the special terms of the xbase programming and data world in your mother tongue.

If this is ok, please send me a mail, that you want translate the DBMax resource file.

Then I reply whether you can start translation or not. If not, another one was registered for your language at first.

If yes, you have 2 weeks to translate resource file. If the result looks great, I send you a free lisence of DBMax.

Please send your emails in german or english only.


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