DBMax - The xbase database editor




1.) User defined functions

If you are an owner of Visual Objects 2.8, you can include your own functions in DBMax.
You can use these functions in all expressions of DBMax.
Import the file DBMax.UDF.AEF in VO and add your functions.
Look in the module _Readme in DBMax.UDF.AEF for details.
The file DBMax.UDF.AEF is located in the subdirectory VOAEF of your DBMax programm directory.

2.) Using your own RDD's

DBmax supports your own RDD's.
In addition DBmax supports the use of one or more hidden RDD's.
You have just to edit the file DBMaxRDD.Ini located in your DBMax programm directory.
Look in the file DBMaxRDD.Ini for more details .

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