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NewDBMax 2.205

30 days trial version, it could be switched to a full version simply by a license file.

 30 Tage Demoversion, sie kann einfach durch eine Lizensdatei freigeschaltet werden.

- DBMaxSetup.exe 2,07MB

SE UI XP - Classes
for VO 2.7/2.8
- Demo

This library enhances your the user interface off your VO applications to an up to date looking style.

2.7 2,2MB

Ribbon Manager 2.050 - Demo

Ribbon Manager is a powerful tool for managing Ribbons (a Bitmap containing images of same size and color depth).

Ribbons are useful for Toolbars and Imagelists.


SERibbonDemoSetup.exe 1213KB

CA Install Deutsch 2.5b CAInstall-Patch.EXE 97KB

CA Install Deutsch

2.5 -2.5a-1

CAInstall-Patch.EXE 97KB

Source SEFastServer.MEF


SEFastServer.ZIP 16KB

XP Visual Styles 1.2
This lib enables XP Visual Styles support for your App. It corrects all known side effects of VO 2.5. Look at readme module.

2.5 -

SEVOXPVisualStyles.ZIP 152KB

SE Private Eye
Enhancement of the VO Sample application 'Private Eye'.
Advanced message logging - all NOTIFY-messages are translated.
Running applications in slow motion.
Some new window properties like VO-coordinates.

2.5 -

SEPrivateEye.ZIP 189KB

Ruler - Ein einfaches Lineal zum Ausmessen von Strecken und Rechtecken auf dem Monitor als VO-AEF.

2.0 -

Ruler32.ZIP 9KB


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